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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Black Friday Why are you so mean to me?

So I feel horrible to have such a delay but I'm going to post some progress pictures sooooon!
I got a comission and need to alter some pattern pieces and draft some new ones.... so I think posting it will be cool :D

Besides that I did go see a couple loverly Sacramento Lolitas for the steampunk villians meetup. Now I can't tell you where or else I'll have to kill you! >:D

But we did take pictures!!!!

And That is a Skirt I redid!
It was a gathered and I changed it up to a pleated skirt~! Big difference huh?????

So what do you think? It does look really good with a pettycoat under it... xD
Besides that one project I found some curtains I think I want to make a dress out of!

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