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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh such a delay, And a thanks!

I've lost my card reader :( so I have to go through all sorts of things to get pictures of the camera
I'd also like to thank all of you for the comments! We're trying to get that cat to like us but he likes being outside a lot >_<

So my time away has consisted of me cleaning my sewing area as you can see here:

So many machines in my place :3

Any way I had this apple print skirt I made:

And I'm no longer happy with it. I love the print but the rest is kinda ehhh so I tore it apart and I'm going to make a new waistband that will be red and I'm going to make a bow too <3
Not to mention I changed it from a gathered skirt to a box pleated because I thought it might be cuter and took the ruffle off the bottom <3

Also, I want to make friends!!!!
Lots and lots of lolita friends, so don't be shy! I also have a livejournal which many people I found or found me on first :P
I'd love to chat more so don't be shy!!!!


  1. so many machines! That's pretty awesome.

  2. @Carousellian: I know! and I have another sitting in here!
    My friend left hers and another friend left one. So only the serger and the old singer are mine :P

  3. All those pics look great!! Congrats on the spring cleaning in winter time!! Lol!

    Can't wait for your next post, I like it here!! haha!

  4. Yes.... Spring cleaning for the win!!!!!