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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 more days and it's Christmas eve!

With Christmas on the way I decided to sign up for the lolita gift exchange on EGL. Hopefully my partner doesn't watch my blog :P

I think I shall make a brooch that can also be put in your hair like a hair accessory. I'm thinking something cute with a cameo hanging from it. I love cameos! I think I might make a few different accessories with them now because I do like gothic styles so much!

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures and maybe a tutorial!!! ~~~!!!!

How do you feel about brooches and cameos?


  1. Cameos are pretty much my most favorite things ever. I have a few in different colors, and two that need a chain or something to match them.

  2. I suppose this is rather late, but cameos are quite splendid (^u^ )~

    It'll be exciting if you do decide to post a tutorial. My sister loves brooches and cameo's much more than I, so I would love to make her some for her birthday!~

  3. Good idea :P
    I ended up making a round headdress. :D
    I think I'll make a tutorial for it still I bought a second cameo with flowers on it so I'll make one for my self or my shop :P
    I thank you two for the feedback though :3