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Monday, January 10, 2011


With the Holidays over it's now going to be convention time!

(Please read more I plan on doing a tutorial and there is a picture of what it will be of :3 )

I know not all lolitas are anime geeks, or even like anime, but I am one of the few that do.  I found out about Lolita fashion way back in freshmen year of high school.  It was my love of anime that brought me to a new friend that liked jrock and in turn lolita thanks to Mana.  To be honest, I don't like Mana as an individual all that much.  Yes, he is an interesting person; Yes, he did bring lolita fashion to a larger audience; But as I said previously, it's just Mana.

 Now back on with the convention time.  I actually attended Sac-Anime this past weekend and found their offerings to be lack-luster.  The dealers room was decent.  The gaming rooms were fun.  I still failed to find any cool viewing rooms and there were few panels to enjoy.  I also feel the staff for Sac-Anime are very lacking in structure.  It was always a mess and crowded in all the hallways.  The only areas that were manageable was the gaming rooms and artist alley.  I feel they would do better with a few improvements to staff knowledge and organization, as well as an improved schedule.  Despite that, I still enjoyed all the great cosplayers walking around.  That is one thing I didn't see much of last time I went to Sac-Anime.

Also, I plan on making a tutorial for the headdress I made :P
It won't be the easiest tutorial but it will be pretty xD
The nice thing is that it can really be made small and used as a brooch like my original plan for the gift exchange.

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