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Friday, February 18, 2011

So busy...

I'm really a horrible writer.... It's more like I don't like writing and have no idea what to write about.

Anyway, I have made 2 bloomers (one commissioned) and a skirt (commissioned) in the past week.
I plan on making at least one more bloomer to make a tutorial because a friend of mine (Roomie!!!) doesn't know how to!!!!!!! I was so dumb struck to hear that I have to make sure she knows how to! I'll be sure to post it up on here.

I have unfortunately got sick yesterday. I'm also working hard toward getting a new job so I try not to play around online, like posting on Blogs.( = P )

I think I should find somewhere to volunteer. I was thinking of trying to get an internship at a bakery because that's seems like a very lolita job! ( ^_^ )

With this cold I'd better work on these tutorials because I shouldn't leave home. ( xD )

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