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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhh I'll be so busy these weekends.....

I'll have something to do every weekend until after April 9th....

Wish I could go to the meetup for the 5th of March : (
I have a wedding to go to and I have no idea what to wear!
I know the 19th of March I'd like to make something to wear ...
And then the 26th there is another meet.
Next up is April 9th (I'm going elsewhere the 2nd)
And then a break.

Now what to make to wear....???
I have many an idea but haven't a change to make them. I'm too busy making things for other people...
So sad.


  1. I'm sorry this month will be busy for you! I have events every weekend this month as well except this upcoming one! The 12th, 19th, and 26th are all lolita events I have to attend / host.

    If you do make something to wear for our zoo meet up I can't wait to see it (*__*)

  2. Ohhh you're so sweet :D
    I never expected to be so busy @_@
    But it is exciting <3
    And Fun :3