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Monday, April 18, 2011

Did you miss me?Update 1/3 Belated Zoo Trip

 So, we had gone to the Fresno Zoo after having tea at Victorian Rose Cottage (I'm afraid I didn't get any pictures there.... check here and here and here :P ) I went straight taking animal shots! <3
The Wolves trying to hide from us xD

Ami in the turtle!!! <3

I feel bad, she didn't know I was taking this but she's so darn cute there tooo!!! <3 

Camel smelled bad >_<

This beautiful Black swan in the background on my phone now <3

I really think an anteater print would be cute... that and a stingray print (right Alisa? : P )

I'm not sure if she was ready for the picture but she always looks like she is...

Rhonda likes the waterfall xP

I never seem to pay attention in photos x___x


Such a liar... She always looks good

They were chatting up a storm when we were taking pictures

Oh no she's shrinking!!!!

So spur of the moment xD

My Grammie had a Blue and Gold Macaw so I had to take pictures of these Macaws (Forgot the name of these...)

My silly picture... it seems we got different poses from this spot :3

So Cute! She made me feel tall .___.

I'm as big as a Gorilla ;__;

I think this is by far my favorite picture of the day xD

This was my second favorite! I love cute silliness <3

So I apologize, I'll be posting three separate posts .... I want to make it easy for me to find..... >_>
More to come soon! <3

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  1. :) T'was a fun meet-up and great to meet you and Rhonda. Its okay about the picture, I was a little lost on where everyone was going haha. Aw I feel special, my silly crying picture is your favorite XD. Lucky, I wish I was taller. :) Can't wait to see you guys again at another meet up or even at Fananime.